Best Hotels to Shop and Work in Stockholm

Sergels Torg Stockholm-sergels torgSergels Torg is a square in the center of Stockholm. It’s named after the architect Johan Tobias Sergel. By the Drottninggatan Street the square is connected with the Old City (Gamla Stan). In the center Srgels Torg has a 38-meter high glass column with a nice fountain. The Hotorget Buildings are the five office-buildings that are at their height close to the skyscrapers. They house lots of shops and offices and are a notable landmark. Continue reading

Easy Access to Swedish History

Swedish-Museum-of-National-AntiquitiesSwedish Museum of National Antiques is one of the most interesting sights in Stockholm. It holds an amazing collection of archeological items from the Stone Age up to the 16th century (the sequel is in Nordiska Museet) found on the territory of Sweden. The main building was constructed in 1935-1940. One of the must-sees in the museum is the Golden Room with a vast collection of jewelry. There is also a collection of artifacts from the times of Vikings. All this shows the pre-history of the territory of Sweden and helps to better understand its culture. Continue reading

Hotels in the Hart of Stockholm History

Rica Hotel Gamla Stan-gamla stanGamla Stan is a wonderful historical center of Stockholm situated on an island in the heart of the city. The architecture of the region amazes with its beauty and ancientness. The Royal Palace, the German Church and the narrowest passage in Stockholm are all in Gamla Stan. You will also find here the buildings of the 13th century, though the majority of such buildings were reconstructed as not safe in the 17th century. Continue reading

Stockholm Hotel Guide

Mornington Hotel StockholmStockholm is amazing! A busy city which saves its truly European atmosphere and culture. It has great variety of museums, good opportunities for business and is pleasant for an eye. If you are eager to spend some time there, first of all, be ready to spend some money on your living. Let’s be honest, the hotels in Stockholm are not too cheap. But you can get what you want if you clearly state your aims: what do you want from the city? Continue reading